Owning a car comes with many advantages like the utility, freedom to roam around at any time, freedom to roam anywhere, and the occasional chance to take a holiday drive sometimes. On the other hand, owning a car also has some headaches. The primary thing among these headaches is maintenance. Just like normal people, cars also face problems. These problems will need health checkup and they will be good to go. Regular service and maintenance of the car are very important to keep your car on the smooth run. However, something or the other will arise with the car and every car will start showing some warning signs.

So, if you are facing some trouble with the old car or if the new car is acting strangely, do not panic. Get to know the common troubles a car can give you and plan accordingly. To reduce the tedious research and the expensive repairs, we have listed the most common problems which can pop up for your car:

Warning lights: This is the most common issue for any car/vehicle. These lights illuminate once the engine control unit (ECU) detects a problem. This light is primarily triggered by a sensor. As there is a wide range of possibilities for the warning to pop up, get a professional mechanic to get the repairs done beforehand.

A sputtering engine: The engine works perfectly when the air and fuel are mixed in the right ratio to combust the fuel. Engine sputtering or misfiring can be one of the primary problems faced by the engine. To have a calm engine without any stuttering issues, it would be ideal to replace the fuel and ignition system according to the lifetime of the manufacturer.

Poor fuel economy: In order to run an engine efficiently, the fuel has to burn at a rate that enhances the fuel economy. When we use the car for a considerable amount of time, the fuel filters, air filters, sensors, and O2 sensors tend to get dirty and sometimes wear out. If this problem arises before the replacement of these parts is done, the fuel consumption will be higher than usual. Consult a mechanic or a renowned mechanic service to get this job done at economic costs. The mechanic services will make sure that your car is serviced in a proper manner with genuine tools and parts. Hiring a mechanic service can also fetch you the additional advantage of a certain period of warranty.

Dead Battery: Almost every car battery will last for around 3 full years or 50,000 miles. A dead battery is generally caused because of the reduced amperes or any kind of electrical currents which reduce as the battery loses its capability to sustain a charge. By using a damaged alternator, battery temperature sensor or any other charging components, this fault can be expedited. The ideal solution to this problem would be to replace the battery as soon as it reaches the above mentioned period of time.

Flat tires: While most of the tired tend to get flat after collision with an object or being punctured, there is a fair possibility that simple wear and tear can be the root cause for this problem. By rotating the tires properly, as suggested by the manufacturer, you will be able to extend the life of the tires. Generally, the tires need to be changed for every 5000 miles to maintain the smooth functioning of the vehicle.

Grinding and Squeaking of the Brakes: The brake system like any other moving part of the car tends to wear out after a designated period of time. Bakes play a crucial role in stopping the vehicle safely. So, if you are facing any problem with the brakes, never hesitate to consult a mechanic regarding the issue. A flat tire can be repaired with a little knowledge but it is impossible to maintain a car without functioning brakes. Minor problems can result in squeaking of the brakes but if the brakes start to grind, it is a definite sign that you have to change the brakes.

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