Today, schools face different and more complex challenges than ever and must keep up with the demands of 21st century learning environments, technologies and teaching methods. Today’s classrooms are considered a major player in a child’s learning experience.

That is why, many schools build solid relationships with their supplier. Over time, they become to know and trust the organisations who supply their schools with high quality equipment which offers longevity of use and value for money.  Teachers are very often at the forefront of determining what they need to provide a stimulating and safe learning environment. It then falls to the School Business Manager or office staff to find the right product for the right price.

Whether it be a stationery item, classroom tables and chairs or even a welly rack, for those wet days walking to school it is important that the product chosen is fit for purpose.  

When choosing school furniture think about creating flexible learning environments and how you can create learning spaces which can be easily re-configured to suit different teaching styles. Choose modular design furniture which can be moved to create different settings. This will help rejuvenate the traditional classroom and enhance the learning experience.

More than ever, in the age of austerity, getting the best value for money (VfM) has never been so important.  So, it is a skill to balance getting the best product at the best price. Many schools will contact an existing supplier that they have used in the past and that has provided them with not only the right product at the right price but also given exceptional customer service and after sales care.  

When schools are under so much scrutiny they need to have the peace of mind that any order they place with their restricted and over stretched budget is going to fulfil the need for which it was ordered.

So, it is important that supplier relations are well forged and there is mutual respect and trust between the school and their supplier.  Suppliers who work within the educational industry have followed the Government’s targeting of school budgets with sympathy and concern. Their product ranges have been honed and flexed to ensure that the products offered are durable, safe and offer the value for money aspect that all schools now expect.

Schools are now also looking for pieces of equipment that are multi-functional, or that can offer additional benefits.  Take for example the welly rack. A welly rack provides the ideal solution for keeping wellington boots nice and tidy and off the floor when space in classrooms and reception areas is often limited.  However, welly racks can also instil a sense of order and good housekeeping habits which are an important life skill children must learn.

Ultimately it is the relationship between a school and its preferred suppliers like edusentials which allows a school the confidence to spend its budget and the supplier to acknowledge the order.

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