When you shift to a new home, you often fight yourself in a tight situation. A major portion of your money has already been spent on buying the house, and now you don’t have sufficient funds to decorate your new home. However, there is no reason you should lose heart as there are plenty of options even on a low budget. Here we tell you how to decorate your home by cutting some corners.

Mattress and linen

A mattress is a must for home, and you anyhow have to invest in one. Go for light ones that are not heavy on the pocket. Try getting some online deals that will help you save a lot for other things.

Go for bright colours as they will help your room shine. It’s a cheap way of making your room look stylish. Entrance mats are a good option to welcome your guests.
Rubber mats will serve the purpose in multiple ways and are a nice addition to your home.

Kitchen Utensils

For kitchen utensils are a must you must go for inexpensive ones instead of ceramic or steel. Go for the local market rates as they offer great varieties and huge discounts. Use only what is necessary and avoid unnecessary clutter at your place.

Types of furniture

Prioritise and spend only on those items that are of prime importance for you. Include sofa set, tables and beds as they are a must. You would require chairs for a housewarming. As you have a limited budget, it’s best to try out the resale shops to find articles of your choice at cheaper rates.

For Storage

It is one of the most important things when you have to declutter your house. Buying cabinets that would add on storage space for keeping wardrobe, crockery or miscellaneous items is definitely a good idea. Again go for resale products to save that extra buck. Moreover, well-maintained cabinets are easy to shop online without many hassles.

Instead of buying a new cabinet its best to get the old one painted. Not only will it make your room look more vibrant but is a nice way of preserving them.


When moving into a new apartment, you must invest in lighting. This is surely one of the cheapest ways to make your house look clean and bright. Invest in quality LED lighting that has a long shelf life and also for that matter save on your power bills. Use handmade lampshades that add an element of style to your home on a budget.


Plants are one the affordable ways of changing your home decor. Indoor, as well as outdoor plants, help to grab attention and add colour to your decor.  Use plants like peace lily for indoors as it creates a feeling of warmth inside the house. Aloe vera should be kept in the bathroom.

Open up using the mirror

When it comes to mirrors, it is one of the cheapest options available for home improvement. Instead of spending on home appliances its best to buy a large mirror that can create the illusion of a large room. This makes the house vibrant and eliminates dullness.

You can also choose colourful mirrors to match the decor of your house.

Buy recycled or used materials

Many markets have stores selling recycled building materials. These are available at cheap rates but will do the job. If you are creative enough, then you can make things using these materials, and it could spice up your home and break the monotony.

Finally, the secret of perfect home decoration is to add your own personality and interest to its design. Being creative is the only way you could stand to be unique.


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