Who does not love Jello-O? But, crème caramel, has gained huge popularity as well. Confused, whether we are talking about the wedding menu or the wedding music? Well, we are talking about choosing a good wedding DJ, but you have to choose between the stereotypical DJ and the professional ones.

The DJ for wedding day has to be at the top of their game! Jello-O might be your go-to comfort dessert, but wedding day is about finesse as well. To achieve that you need crème caramel on your menu, not Jello-O, right? So, why settle for the Jello-O of DJs, the stereotypical ones!  Go for the crème caramel, the professional wedding DJs.

The Battle of the DJs: Professional Wedding DJ vs. Stereotypical DJ

The choice completely depends on you! After all, it is your wedding day! Most couples look for DJs with professionalism. This dictates how they handle your wedding music planning in the days leading up to the D-Day, the wedding day. So, how do you pick your DJ? Do you go for the stereotypical DJ, or the professional DJ? Let us help you:

1. The Crème Caramel: Professional Wedding DJs

A most common mistake that all couples commit is waiting till the last minute to book the DJ for their wedding day. Then, they are left with only a few choices, because all the good ones have been booked by other couples. Take your time and plan ahead! If, you get your hands on a professional wedding DJ, you have the crème caramel on your menu as dessert. Sounds scrumptious, right?! Well, it is!

The professionals have integrity and take the job of a DJ seriously. To top it all, the professional DJs have completed many wedding gigs. This grants them the experience to deal with different kinds of situations that might arise at a wedding. What situations, you ask?! Well, unplanned requests are one of them; these can throw off the mood and the theme of the wedding. A professional DJ will know how to politely refuse these requests. Or, maybe play a song from the same artiste, which suits your wedding mood and theme.

Well, this is just one of the interruptions. There are many more! Do not risk it. Run the references and search for testimonials for finding the perfect wedding DJ. They also have the ability to second as a MC (Master of Ceremonies). You save tons of money on that as well! So, you get an MC and an amazing DJ at the price of one! Sounds similar to a crème caramel, right? You get the slight bitter taste of caramel and that balances the sweetness of the custard! You get the best of both the worlds! A professional wedding DJ is something similar, but you get the best of all worlds.

2. The Jello-O: Stereotypical DJ

The standard of a stereotypical DJ is average! The reason behind this is the fact that most people take it lightly and more as a hobby. Chances are they have not handled any wedding music. They will lack professionalism and be late for the gig. They could also end up handling unplanned requests improperly and that could cost your party and ruin the mood of the guests at the wedding.

Even if, they do show up on time, they might not run sound checks and cause havoc with announcements. Now, the Jello-O can have its moments, but having spoonful after spoonful of Jello-O is never pleasant! It can even ruin the taste of the whole meal. It has just one taste, which is sweet! Stereotypical DJs are something like that. They can never handle the multi-faceted dimensions of your wedding party.

Hopefully, you will pick out crème caramel for your wedding and not the Jello-O! It can be a huge problem. The stereotypical DJ can end up ruining your whole wedding experience! Find a professional wedding DJ in Sydney who plays the right kind of wedding music; they will make sure that your wedding is the dream wedding you had planned!


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