Have you got a room in need of a makeover? Most people look for inspiration by seeing what’s been popular over the last year or two, but if you do that then the style of your room might end up outdated even quicker. Rather than taking inspiration from the modern rooms that your friends have had for a year or two, look ahead to what’s on the horizon. Here are a few interior design trends for 2014:

Black, White and Pink

Black, white and dark pink are 2014’s main interior design colours. Ideally, not all in equal measure. A white room with a bit of black furniture and a few dark pink accessories (such as large cushions or a rug) will fit nicely with 2014 design trends. Don’t make your entire room Barbie pink, or gothic black.

Sparkle and Glamour

Add a touch of sparkle to your room for 2014. Sparkling accessories and feathers to add a little glamour and colour are 2014 trends that you might not want to miss out on. You might want to purchase some replica peacock feathers that can be propped up in a vase, or a diamante picture frame to display a black and white photo.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are due to be big in 2014. Consider having one pink wall with a floral pattern, and three white walls, or getting some floral cushions to accessorise your room. Floral patterns shouldn’t be your room’s main feature, but they should definitely bring something to the room that isn’t there without them.

Handmade Items

It’s fashionable now to make things yourself, or to support small independent retailers selling their own handcrafted items. Get online to sites like Etsy, Folksy and Not on the High Street to find handmade accessories with which you can decorate your home. Woodcraft items are particularly popular, as are patchwork fabrics and paper crafts. If you’re looking for something that you can make on your own then framed ‘tag cloud’ pictures are definitely a design that you can place your confidence in.

Coloured Glass

Be sure to consider accessorising your home with some coloured glass plates, bowls or vases. They’re another 2014 interior design trend, and if you’re not planning to completely redesign your room then coloured glass accessories are items that you can easily add to your existing theme.

Soft Fabrics

The focus in 2014 will be on soft fabrics for added comfort – items like sheepskin rugs and also soft suedes and silks. The trend for a few years has been leaning towards furniture in comfortable and ergonomic shapes that naturally work with your body rather than going against it –chairs that you can slump in, for example – and the materials those furnishings are made out of are now following suit.

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