Are you planning to renovate your house? Do you want your interiors to look stunning, stylish and elegant? Try the extra durable, versatile and cost-efficient Venetian plaster in London.

Transform your plain walls into stylish and elegant looking structures with just a few strokes of Venetian plaster wall finishes. Most of the times, Venetian plaster is widely used in the construction of stylish homes and corporate buildings. Homeowners looking for extra stylish and stunning walls have marked a wide use of Venetian plaster wall finishes on the walls in the rooms.

Listed below are some of the top benefits of using Venetian plaster wall finish :

  • Easy Maintenance

If you are worried about the maintenance, do away with that. Venetian plaster requires minimal maintenance and care over a long course of time. As it is mixed with various pigments, it can last without fading for many years resulting in an occasional painting of the walls. The easy and quick drying and damping of the plaster make it easier to clean and maintain.  

The initial investment might sound to be massive, but over the course of time, it requires no additional maintenance cost.

  • Distinctive

Venetian Plaster consists of unique mineral composition and elements making it extremely distinctive and unique and is available in various paint colors & textures as well. It prevents any kind of growth of moulds and fungus on the wall with its high breathability quotient. Venetian plaster precludes the accumulation of moisture under the wall finish which helps in keeping dampness, moulds and bacterias at bay.

  • Versatile

Venetian plaster can be easily applied to any surface, whether new or old. Pre-existing walls can be transformed into modern and elegant looking structures for your house. It can be easily used to patch old and worn-out wood, bricks, stones, drywall etc.

Whether you are refurbishing the walls or moving into a new house, Venetian plaster wall finish will help you blow in all the elegance and style to your interiors.

  • Venetian Plaster Cost & Durability

One of the biggest advantages of using Venetian plaster for the walls at home is its rock-like hardness. Its exceptional hardness and durability make it resistant to shrinking and dampness, so it withstands massive pressure and avoids cracking and chipping of the corner. Just in case it avoids a little repair, the cost is minimally less as it won’t require replacing a large section of the wall.

  • Timeless

Nothing can compete for the durability & versatility of Venetian plaster and moreover when it is topped with its timeless and interchangeable characteristic. It provides an ultra smooth and distinct surface to the wall making it viable to other kinds of modifications & renovations. Transform the look of your room with Venetian plaster and give it a much-needed renovation and styling.

  • Environmental Friendly

Venetian plaster is one effective way to be eco-friendly. Being made up of all natural components, it is extremely beneficial for the quality of the wall. Venetian plaster provides an optimal and enhanced air quality. Lime provides an anti-bacterial base inhibiting the growth of moulds and other fungi on the wall. Plaster is an ideal way to add layers of insulation and protection to wall helping them stay in good & pristine condition for long.

These are some of the top benefits of using Venetian plaster wall finish at home, office, fireplace with its amazing features and top characteristics stated above rest assured of a well plastered and maintained look of the property. We are pretty sure this article will help you reduce all the hassle of choosing the right plaster material for polished concrete wall when planning for a property renovation. Trust Hikitia for a well structured, planned and researched surface design that will add life to any structure.

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