Shifting homes can be stressful! Especially when you are going on your own for the first time. Though it brings in a lot of excitement and vigour in your lives! Not only you are going to a new home, but also you are independently handling it all – the responsibility comes with a sense of freedom too!  

But before you move to your new place, have you checked whether in the excitement of the move, you are leaving behind your old place in a messy condition?! You should be well aware of the fact that end of Tenancy Cleaning is not an option, but a mandate. If you fail to leave the place spic and span, the landlord has the right to deduct the cost of proper cleaning and restoration of the place from your security deposit – which means you lose money! Money that you could get as refund and utilise to decorate your new home. If your new place requires any kind of renovation or repairing, it is best to get these done, before you start living there. Now with these parts taken care of, concentrate on your move!

Important Highlights to Remember when Shifting to a New Home

There are some major tasks that need to be taken care of whenever you buy or rent a new place. It may start from basic tidiness to keeping doormats at proper positions, but in hindsight, these can be considered to be trivia. There are more vital points to be taken care of. Confused? Read on!

  • Cleanliness: During a move, cleaning is the first thing that requires lots of efforts, and is extremely important too. You need to get a thorough job done. Which is why it is recommended that you seek expert help for excellent domestic cleaning services like Flash Cleaning offers. This company reigns the market in this department. Their fabulous services in this genre have brought them a lot of favouritism from their clients. Make sure the cleaning job gets completed before you enter the place with your luggage or family.
  • Pest Control: Pest control is what you have to do immediately after moving in to a new place. It is recommended to go for professional service here too, for long lasting and better results. For better health of you and your family, and also protection of your belongings from pests like termites or ants (and many other things covered under the umbrella!), make sure you pass this step with flying colours.
  • Security: Security is a vital thing that just can’t be avoided at any cost. Never trust the prefixed and attached locks kept by the previous tenants and owners. Always change the locks the instant you get the keys. Opt for better locks and fix it immediately if possible. These security issues can bring about a lot of danger for you in the future if not taken care properly. You should also keep a check on window and sliding door locks too, along with closure of skylights, attics etc., if any. An addition of security gadgets like CCTV cameras, intercom services, etc. should be installed for better precaution.
  • Child Proofing: When you have kids with you, childproofing is a must. Always put on the proper child security aspects on your staircases, cabinet closures, windows and doors right when you are settling in. Ignorance may lead to accidents that you shall regret (God forbid!).
  • Warming up to Neighbours: After you have settled in well at your home, try getting friendly with the neighbours. Make an effort to break the ice. This may come handy in future at any time of crisis or even basic needs of day to day living (example — keeping your courier at their places for a while). Better relations with people in your neighbourhood would make you feel at home with the new surroundings too.
  • Set up an Impressive Décor: Now we come to the fun and exciting part – the décor! Adding those personal touches to your homes, giving it the finishing touch, is essential to make a house your own home – one that has your character embossed in it. Add in your favourite colours on the walls. Decorate it with your favourite home accents. Arrange and rearrange new or existing furniture — create great ambience and tad-a! You’re done with creating your special magic at your own place. Create a warm ambience in your new place with a touch of personalisation – family photos in walls, vacation mementos on mantel, etc. You can also put up a new name plate. And last, but not least, how about a welcome mat with a huge smiley face on it to welcome you each time you enter your new home?! Cheerful welcome, isn’t it? Don’t forget to keep those air fresheners for better fragrance and fresh ambiance at home.

With these tips I’m sure you are going to love your stay at your new home a lot. So just add in these magical touches to your new home and enjoy living there each and every day! 

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