Whether you are designing a new kitchen or remodeling the existing one, your first step is choosing a layout. Do you want to add rustic style to your kitchen or modern style? Does the long, narrow space cooking zones suits your cooking style, or you need a serious amount of space? Your layout will decide the way you cook, entertain and socialize. You should have the clarity on whether to modify or keep your layout before you take any major steps.

Here we have mentioned the 5 most famous kitchen layouts their advantages and disadvantages:

Let’s Take a Look:

1. L Shaped Kitchen Layouts

In this layout, two perpendicular walls form an L shape. One arm of the L-shaped includes the microwave, oven, stove and other appliances and the other counter is made as the cleanup zone with the sink.


  • Provides open cooking space
  • Perfect & best suited for socializing and entertaining
  • Adaptable and spacious


  • Cannot accommodate multiple cooks
  • Can be inefficient
  • Corner base cabinet can be hard to reach
  • Appliances are to spread out, means this layout is not suitable for larger kitchen designs.

2. U Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas

This is the most common design that can be seen in smaller residences and older homes. U shaped kitchen designs offer more efficiency and comfort.


  • Offer good storage space
  • Appliances are more accessible
  • Ideal for both large and small kitchens
  • flexible kitchen layout


  • U shaped kitchen main feel congested because of appliances located closer to one another.
  • U shaped kitchen is not suitable for a very large kitchen because in order to maintain the kitchen work triangle you have to provide island kitchen layouts for easy and convenient working space.
  • Corner base kitchen cabinets are difficult to access.

3. Galley-Style Design Layouts

Galley style kitchen is considered as one of the efficient and functional kitchen designs. This unique kitchen layout provides you the maximum counter space and storage. It is the ideal choice for many commercial kitchens as it forms the perfect triangle between the stove, sink and fridge.


  • Offers maximum space, making efficient cooking zones
  • Provide versatility
  • Corner base cabinets are easy to access
  • They can be the open or closed concept

Neither you have to burn a hole in your pocket on finishing materials like backsplashes countertops and cabinets, nor will you have to spend time cleaning


  • Not suited for the multiple cooks due to this kitchens compact layout
  • You may find this kitchen layout design insufficient if you need a spacious kitchen with maximum storage and counter space

4. One Wall Kitchen Layouts

One Wall is suitable for the small kitchen design spaces. There can be various different layouts for one wall arrangement and its usual arrangement includes the sink in between refrigerator and stove.


  • All appliances and food preparation areas are easy to reach.
  • A minimum requirement for cabinets and countertop surface which ultimately save on materials
  • One room kitchen layout is ideal for small families
  • As compared to other kitchen layouts it doesn’t have any corner base cabinets which increases the functionality of the kitchen


  • Least efficient layout plan
  • It doesn’t offer spacious counter space, which makes it challenging for more than one cook to work together at the same time.
  • Insufficient storage space than other kitchen arrangements
  • This layout won’t work for those who love to have the dining in the kitchen

5. G-Shape

The G-shaped kitchen is basically a U-shaped kitchen layout, with an extra amount of counter space and storage options.


  • As compared to small kitchens it offers extra counter space and storage
  • Most social and efficient style
  • Multiple Cops can easily work together at the same time


  • It makes the kitchen look smaller than actual
  • Corner base cabinet can be hard to reach

Conclusion: Renovating a kitchen is not easy as it seems, it is essential for you to understand what is most important to you. Hopefully, this list of layouts and their advantages and disadvantages will help you to learn more about your kitchen renovation requirements. We recently got a few requests from our readers to include information on 12 x 12 & 12 x 20 kitchen design layouts so we will be doing that as well pretty soon.

If you think you missed out something or you have any tips on suggestions feel free to write us in the comment box below.

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