A Thanksgiving Wish from Scott-Vincent Borba

Thanksgiving is an extremely important holiday for me. It’s a holiday filled with food and an environment filled with a family’s love and compassion. I am very fortunate that my family is very close and grounded. I am the youngest of 5 brothers and sisters and I have 15 nieces and nephews. With so many of us, you can imagine that the house is filled with love, excitement and the occasional story that’s never forgotten.

Years ago, it rained and some of the children in my family tracked mud into the house. It wasn’t hard finding them with their footprints leadig the way. My mother has since changed the carpet to a darker color and the footprints from the newest members in our family have replaced theirs. This year, we can expect the need to clean the carpet and it will only be done with smiles.

Scott-Vincent Borba

Another thing I love about Thanksgiving is the food. My mom’s stuffing should win culinary awards and my dad can grill like nobody’s business. My sister has also inherited my mother’s talents in the kitchen and with my huge sweet tooth I always look forward to her desserts. I, of course, bring BORBA waters and gummis to the table to help keep skin looking pristine and keep the regrets from eating all the delicious foods from emerging. After all, this is a time to be thankful that you’re surrounded by your family that loves you.

This Thanksgiving, I hope when you sit down with your family your day is filled with happiness, prosperity and love.

Happy Thanksgiving,

P.S. Another tradition that my family has is to give back to others in need. We volunteer at soup kitchens and donate to our favorite charities. Below you’ll find a link that will help the Covenant House fulfill it’s mission to support young homeless adults to get back onto their feet. I am a proud supporter of the Covenant House. If you find it a worthy cause too, you can help with a purchase of the bracelet below. Your support is very much appreciated

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