As you already know, drains are pipes which dispose of sewage and surface water from a property. They are responsible for the clearance and maintenance of your homes, offices etc. Now, everything is great and happy as long as your drains are working perfectly, without any issues. The trouble arises when your drains start to show signs of clogs or a blockage. And unfortunately, it’s one of the most common phenomena, and we have all been there and experienced that. Whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom, it has happened to us all.

Clogged drains are a cause of real inconvenience for us, especially at home, and serve as a hindrance in our daily routines. This is because we tend to rely on our sinks and basins for most part of our survival, from brushing our teeth to washing our hands to cleaning the dishes and a lot more. And let’s not even mention the mayhem that’s caused when it happens with guests over. So, instead of calling a plumber every now and then to get that drain cleared, or trying to wait around for that sink to unclog itself, it’s time to take matters into our hands. So, follow these preventive measures, or you will need to frequently speed dial professional plumbing services in Perth, A. Able Plumbing, Gas & Hot Water are the best professionals you could call upon, in case you are having plumbing issues. They have a team of qualified plumbers, who are equipped with the best of tools to unclog your drains in no time.

Major no-no’s if you want to avoid getting hassled by clogged drains

As we mentioned earlier, blocked drains in Perth WA or anywhere else in the world, are one of the most common problems that homeowners face. And the worst part is that it always seems to happen when they aren’t supposed to, when you are off to work, or when you are about to host a party, or have guests over etc. But, as we know, prevention is better than cure. And believe it or not, there are quite a few things which could prevent clogged drains from happening at your home. Read on to know the things you should avoid doing:

  • Dumping food: Food, and in particular rice, is the greatest contributor to blocked drains. Before washing dishes and other utensils in the sink, you should make sure to get rid of all the food waste in the dustbin. Don’t let this wind up inside your drains.
  • Putting Coffee grounds: You should throw the used coffee grounds in the trash, or even your compost bin but never down the sink. They are very much capable of clogging your drain.
  • Pouring grease: The most optimum way of dealing with grease is to let it cool down and then throw it away. If you throw it down the drain, once it’s cooled, it will form lumps. This will in turn create a blockage for your drains.
  • Take off sink strainers: Sink strainers are put over your drains to filter food waste and other unwanted particles from going down the drains. So, you should definitely not take them out.
  • Excess washing powder: You shouldn’t be using as much washing powder as you wish as once rightfully said, too much of anything is bad. (unless its chocolate cake) Excess washing powder could get solidified and block your drains.
  • Flushing paper towels: When it comes to toilets, you should make sure to never flush anything down, especially paper towels, nappies, toilet paper etc. These will accumulate inside the pipes and clog your drainage system.
  • Plants near drains: Your drainage system should be well far away from trees and shrubs, the reason being that their roots tend to grow into the pipes, causing its splitting. Ensure to keep your drains at least 25 metres from any kinds of plants to avoid damaged drains.

So, you need to make sure to avoid these seven No’s strictly to ensure a clog-free drain. Also, get them checked by a professional every few years to ensure the proper working. So, note down this list and use it to dodge the terrible experience of this great hurdle in your residential existence.

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