Akid’s birthday party without balloons is unimaginable. In fact, everyone loves balloons irrespective of their age. However, today most people like to leave party decorations to professional decorators. While this undoubtedly saves time, it results in all birthday parties having the same hackneyed decorations. Here are 7 balloon decoration ideas that are unique and will make your party truly memorable.

1. Mini Rainbow Balloon Arch: This balloon decoration idea is a new take on the classic balloon arch commonly used to decorate gates. All you need for this is balloons in rainbow colors and a wire. You can easily order them online for hassle-free balloon delivery. To create a rainbow balloon arch:

  • Make a bunch of four balloons of the same color tying them together at the center
  • Attach them to a long piece of wire by twisting them around the wire (it should look like a four-leafed clover at this point)
  • Now your first layer is done. Repeat step 1 with balloons of each color.
  • Attach each layer to the wire ensuring that all the layers are pushed tightly together.
  • Now attach groups of 3-4 white balloons on each end of the wire to make them look like clouds
  • Shape the wire like a rainbow and attach with tape

Your Mini Rainbow Balloon arch is ready. Use it as a backdrop for pictures or tape it to your table as a centerpiece

2. Balloon Centerpiece: Who said balloons had to always go on the walls? Do something different. Use a balloon as a centerpiece. All you need to do for this idea is a wine bottle, some glitter a bow and a balloon.

  • Cover the wine bottle in glue and dip in glitter
  • Attach a bow around the neck of the bottle
  • Attach the balloon to the mouth of the bottle (you may use a helium balloon or an icecreamstick to ensure that it stays steady)

This idea is simple and easy to execute, you can add to it by covering half the balloon in glitter or using transparent balloons with confetti inside. It is perfect for a teenaged daughter’s birthday party. Now all you need to do is find an equally sophisticated birthday gift for your young lady.

3. Decorate Your Wall with Balloons: You could also create the perfect backdrop to capture those precious birthday memories by decorating your wall with balloons. Just use some tape to cover a portion of your wall with balloons. You can match the colors of the balloons to the theme of the party, use balloons of different sizes and even add in some flowers to give it a fresh look.

4. Bubble Balloon Entrance: The classic balloon arch entrance never gets old. But something as simple as selecting the correct colors for your entrance could make all the difference. Using transparent balloons along with white and blue balloons could give the effect of sea foam. A balloon that looks like a bottle of champagne along with a few golden round ones to represent the bubbles could be used to create a unique entrance.

5. Balloon Columns: Use the technique used to create a rainbow arch to create Balloon columns. These can be created in different shapes by varying the number of balloons used in each layer. You could also experiment with using different colors and balloons of different shapes to come up with interesting balloon columns.

6. Shape Flower Bouquets with Balloons: No one is ever really too old for balloons. Add a touch of fun to a surprise party for your friend or sister using this decoration idea. Use flower bouquets and balloons together as decoration. Keep the color palate pastel to give a soothing effect. This idea could be used in anniversaries, New Year’s parties and even at weddings Balloon decorations aren’t just for kids.

7. Halloween Styled Balloons: Use Balloons as Halloween party decorations. Make a balloon pillar look like a black cat, a monster or even a witch. You could also use balloon animals like spiders and snakes. Painting orange balloons to look like Jack-O’- Lanterns is also a good idea. Balloons are meant for every occasion let it be any festival or international Ice And Snow Festival Harbin

These were just 7 balloon decoration ideas meant to make the next party you throw awesome! Go on and experiment with them.

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