How about turning your drab house exteriors to make it look like a gorgeous new property? Let’s try to bring the indoors out. There are several ways you can do this, without incurring significant costs. A simple change in the external part can upgrade your home beautifully. If you want to renovate altogether, you need to consider your time, budget, personal likes and design.

When you start planning your home’s exterior, you may want to consider looking at outdoor deck designs. Decks are the best way to amplify the outside appeal of a house. Are you looking for a specialist for working on diverse deck ideas and renovating existing garages in Melbourne? Conventional Carports are fully-insured, outdoor living and carport building professionals; they specialize in providing affordable construction of garages, pergolas, decking, landscaping, concreting, renovations and all kinds of woodwork. We want you to cherish living outdoors, without worrying about the sun, rain or insects.

What are the types of deck designs that can be created outside your home?

If you are an outdoor person, then decks will play such a key part of your outdoor living experience. Also, if you enjoy entertaining, decks would soon become a pivotal point of your hosting self. Hence, it’s very crucial to give your design a good amount of consideration before diving into the project. But first and foremost, you must find the right company that provides decking in Melbourne. Here are some popular deck designs that can be built into your homes:

  • Rooftop Deck: Nothing is more strikingly beautiful than a rooftop deck. When building one of these decks, your roof membrane has to be preserved and kept intact. You can build over an existing deck, or make use of floating pedestal supports to hold the deck in position.
  • Screened-in Deck:  If you want to make an extension of your indoor living space, with the perfect blend of the outdoors, especially, keeping a transitional space in mind, then a screened-in deck is the perfect outdoor living option. In places where you are exposed to outdoor elements like the harsh sun, pesky mosquitoes, frequent rains, a confined deck satisfies the desire for an outdoor room. Choose a screen that is made up of fiberglass, as it is easy to install and suits any budget. For more expensive options, aluminium, bronze, vinyl-coated polyester, or stainless steel are perfect options.
  • Side-yard deck:  Generally, side-yards are the one of the most forgotten areas in a home. A side-yard deck provides a nice way to step out of the house for some fresh air. It creates a seamless and easy transition from the indoors to the outside. You can fix subtle steps, cut into a corner, for providing easy access to your backyard. Consider growing plants that act as a privacy screen, like bamboo and some creepers. You can use this secluded space to catch some sleep, and some private lounging time.
  • Corner deck:  Corner decks saturate a space perfectly, and allow you to position the stairs exactly where you want it to be. These types of decks are the best way to turn a neglected and untouched part of your home into a useful space. Since, it’s a corner space, the options for designing are, somewhat, limited. Corner decks are made by making a floating deck. Skylights can be inculcated into the roofing to make the space feel open and airy.
  • Floating deck:  The platform required to build a floating deck, is not attached to the main structure of the house; this gives it a free-standing appearance. Floating decks are, however, easier to build than a standard deck; and you don’t require any building permissions for a small-sized one. Since they are temporary structures, they can be transported from one place to another. They are not permanently attached to your home, and can be easily removed. This does not make it any less safe. It will require regular maintenance, compared to the other types of decks.

We all love to spend some part of our time outdoors every day. Getting some fresh air clears up our minds and helps us feel better. You can easily transform your deck into a relaxing retreat by using some simple design elements — like a string of fairy lights, a colourful rug, or by hanging potted plants. How about the addition of a swimming pool to add a touch of luxury?

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