5 Wall Finish to Spruce up your Interior Décor!

Property owners around the world dream of making their property look the best! We are here to help you with your endeavour. How, you ask? Well it is simple; we are going to provide you with wonderful wall finish ideas that are sure to enhance the beauty of your property.

The wall can either add or ruin the complete look of the property! You would want your property to look lovely, right? So, it would be a smart move to spruce up that one feature that takes up a huge chunk of your home – the walls. Whether you choose the polished plaster or marmorino plaster from Stucco Veneziano or any other experienced store, it is going to definitely uplift the look of the entire property!

What Kinds of Wall Finishes can you add for enhancing your Property’s Décor?

You can definitely paint your property, but why not go off-beat instead of joining the bandwagon? There are so many wonderful ideas for your home/office! Just make sure that you incorporate them in your property with finesse. Here are some unique and eye-catching ideas for wall finishes that you can incorporate to your décor:

  1. Wall Paint: This is perhaps the quickest way to change the complete look and feel of the room. All you need to do is incorporate some beautiful colours into the wall. The room will look completely different. Now this is nothing new! How to add something more? How about a little character? In recent times, some companies have also started offering textured painting options, wall art, murals, personalisation and many such out of the box ideas. This is sure to enhance the décor of the rooms and even make them unique. You have to choose the colour and patterns according to the mood you want to play with, and the furniture and furnishings you have (or plan on adding).
  2. Plaster for the Walls: Many stores have a wide variety of plaster options for your walls. Some of these are environmentally friendly and quite sturdy. However, the perks don’t end there itself. The plaster is aesthetically beautiful as well, due to the presence of marble powder. This lends the walls a textured look with slight sheen to it. The polished plaster from London stores can just change the feel of the room – just like adding some magic.
  3. Wallpapers: There are so many options that you will be left confused! The shapes and designs that are available vary from floral to graphic (and everything in between). You shall be spoilt for choice; and you can experiment with variations for each and every room in your property. You can go as subtle or as striking as you want. The patterns and colours on the wallpaper will surely add style and personality to your home.
  4. Fabric Walls: Add drama to your walls by wrapping them in fabric. Fabrics come in umpteen number of patterns and some stores also offer the option of customized fabric for the walls. The various options include linen and even silk. If you feel wrapping all the four walls shall make it seem overboard, consider fabric panels or framed inserts.
  5. Wood Walls: Wooden walls can add elegance to your property! You can either go for faux wooden panels or the authentic wooden ones. Wooden walls are not only elegant, but also traditional and stately! They have a penchant for making people feel welcomed and respectful – all at the same time.

Now you know what options you have to spruce up those walls! Talk to an interior designer to get more ideas. But do not forget to add your personal touch to the décor. This will not only create a unique look, but also pave the path to adding your own stamp to your property!


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