The checklist of a perfect pub is quite simple right? It should be somewhere near your house, so that a few trips won’t take up half your month’s budget. Sure, it can have a beer stained carpet, but throw in some comfortable chairs, and a decently priced pint — and you are set, right? Well, you are wrong. A perfect pub requires much more than that. And unsurprisingly, sticky carpets don’t make the cut when it comes to picky people choosing their watering holes.

But, your search for the perfect pub ends right here. We will tell you all about the key features of an ideal pub. You might be thinking all a great pub has to do with, is some freshly brewed beer or a large mug of ale, but alcohol isn’t THE only priority for majority of the population. There are a few other things that the pub owner has to keep in mind in order to make his customers happy. And that’s exactly what is done by Bunbury based pubs. Best Western Plus is a renowned chain in Bunbury who provides its citizens with the best of hotels, restaurants, pubs, marriage halls etc. Their pubs are equipped with a beautiful atmosphere where you can indulge in casual drinking, dine with your closed ones, and even dance your night away to peppy tracks.

Factors which make up a perfect pub:

The pub has been a very noble and wonderful institution in British history. But that doesn’t give them the God-given right to stay open forever. Terrible pubs are forced to close down and we are here to warn you all about them. Nobody likes to face scowling bartenders or dirty surroundings, and especially when they are looking for a fun and enjoyable night with friends and drinks. So, make sure you keep the following factors in mind and choose for yourself the best bars and also the best Bunbury based accommodation when on holiday.

  1. Good Food: It’s not huge news that people look for a decent meal when they are out boozing. Food is a priority for customers and at times, a pub is better known for its food than its drink section. So, make sure to visit a bar which offers some great snacks to munch on as well as dine on full meals while you are gulping down your mug of ale or can of cider.
  2. Well stocked bar and ice: And needless to say, the pub has to have a well-stocked bar and should be able to hand over to its customers, whatever’s printed on the menu. Whether it’s fresh beer from its own beer garden or a wide selection of ales or cider etc., it should have it all. And more importantly, it should have plenty of ice for the customer’s preferences. But also, it can’t be stingy and fill the mug’s brim with ice cubes such that the drink can’t be reached except with a straw. That’s not acceptable at all.
  3. Friendly staff: Another very important thing to note in any decent pub is the quality and hospitality of its staff. Nobody wants to ruin their night of boozing and dancing due to unfriendly and cranky pub staff. Delivering good customer service is one of the highlights of any ideal pub and it makes the customers take home a lot more than just booze.
  4. Cleanliness: There are clear brownie points for a clean bar. And in that too, toilets are the most crucial. Obviously, nobody would want to go to the washroom and witness a pile of dirty tissues or pools of vomit in front of them. So, it’s very important that the staffs of the pub are on their toes and keep the surroundings clean and neat at all times.
  5. Entertainment: Last but not the least, people need to get entertained. Especially if you are out drinking alone and need to socialise with others. So, it’s a must that the bar you go to has a pool table or maybe an old-fashioned jukebox. Also, the pub should have televisions or screens that maybe broadcasting live sports matches. This adds to the fun and lively atmosphere of the pub.

So, these were the main factors that make up a perfect pub and makes it worth going to during the weekends (or sometimes even during the week) every now and then. Tick these off your checklist and your quest for the most fun and ideal pub shall come to an end.

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