Pre-wedding and wedding shoots are exciting for the couple, but it takes a lot more than makeup and gorgeous dresses to make it worth every penny. While people believe that all they have to do is pose and smile, a lot goes into taking a perfect picture. It’s sad to see that most of the times wedding photographers don’t get the respect they deserve and are treated as general photographers. Revealed below are some of the most common myths about wedding photography and it’s worth its weight in gold.

1. Any photographer can do wedding photography

Well, this is a pretty common one. Many couples and even photographers believe that any photographer can click wedding pictures in a swish and create amazing results – ahh no.. that’s a myth! Shooting wedding pictures means you have to capture the couple, their family and everyone present at the ceremony celebrating an important day at the right time, in the right light, in the right style. The photographer needs to be on high alert and look all around to capture candid moments. they need an exceptional eye and timing for this because wedding photography is more than just casual clicks – and no one wants photos of shut eyes or open mouths.

2. Your friend can do it

Yes, we all have a friend who takes great pictures but if you think he/she can be your wedding photographer, let’s dig into some facts here. A professional wedding photographer will have the latest camera gear, a team of excellent photographers, several years of experience and various successful projects. What your buddy will have is a nice phone camera like iPhone and general photography skills. Take your pick!

3. It’s all about beautiful destinations and great food

Yes, there are beautiful venues, gorgeous locations, business class flights, 5 star hotel arrangements and a lot of amenities for the photographers, but that’s just one part of the story. 90% of the times what photographers get is economy class flights, average hotel arrangements, uncomfortable travel arrangements and don’t forget the bad lighting. Wedding photographers have to go through a lot when it comes to reaching destination weddings with various camera gear bags, eating vendor made food and suffering lack of sleep too. Now, the next time you easily claim that wedding photography is all sweet, spice and everything nice, don’t forget the facts.

4. Wedding photography is easy money

If capturing Sydney weddings sound like easy money, then you need more information on how it goes for a wedding photographer. Capturing real emotions most beautifully requires creativity and good knowledge of your camera gear. Factors like clicking a variety of people like adults, kids and elders, lighting, ceremony delays, uncertain climatic changes and running around for the perfect captures is all a part of a wedding photographer’s job.

5. Expensive photographers are the best

When a bride purchases a stunning bridal dress in Sydney, the first thought that she might have is that hiring an expensive wedding photographer is the right way to do it. Not really! It’s is a general mindset that higher the price, better the quality. While this holds true in many cases, there are various agencies which offer the best quality at a high price, but not all provide what they promise. Be open to different price ranges and consider what is best for after proper scrutiny.

While the basic concept of every professional photography remains the same, every niche of photography has its own perks and challenges. So, respect them all and get rid of such misconceptions for hiring the right wedding photographers for your big day.

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