Are you planning to throw a memorable birthday party for your mates? Are you the one who will plan everything; from the cups to the booze and food? Expert advice: make a checklist and follow a linear path.

Planning house parties can be very tricky and tiresome because not only you have to decorate the whole place, but also estimate the food and booze for your guests. If you are not a professional event manager, then get ready to commit silly mistakes that can be easily avoided, so read ahead to learn about them:

  • Not having enough cups or ice

Do you know how many cups would you require? What if the number of cups you have greatly differs from the number of guests that arrive? What’s plan ‘B’ then? You need to make a list of all the guests that you are planning to invite and take the ratio of cups to guests either 2:1 or 3:1, which will give you enough options, in case uninvited guests arrive. With ice, the ratio differs, i.e. either 4:1 or 5:1 ice cubes or any similar proportion because people tend to use a lot of ice when they are partying, especially in the summer.

  • Serving the wrong booze

If the number of guests is on the higher side, don’t make the mistake of bringing in all types of booze because mixing will only have negative consequences. You don’t want people to get high and pass out; you just want them to be happy high to enjoy till the last minute. Drunk people may also break your valuables; so beware! Serving wine and beer is preferred because it allows people to last till late in the night and have a blast. Hard liquor can also result in short-term memory loss, which will affect your purpose of throwing a memorable party.

Choose the right booze!

  • Serving messy food

Drunk people and messy food, an excellent combo, right? No, this will be the worst part of your plan. The snacks that you choose should be light, have delicious flavours and should be easy to consume because drunk guests will spill food all over the place if it requires too many efforts. Chips and cheese balls are preferred, while cheesy fries or chocolate rolls need to be avoided.

  • Not estimating the booze to guest ratio

Accurate booze to guest ratio is essential because if the alcohol finishes before the guests are happy high, then get ready for ugly scoldings and boo-ing because half drunk people are the worst. It will also affect the overall experience of your party, so bring in extra bottles, instead of buying the exact estimated number.

  • No plans for after-party cleaning

Throwing a house party simply equals to a messy, dirty place because of obvious reasons. Your planning process needs to incorporate after-party cleaning to ensure your place looks and smells clean once your birthday is over. You can book professional cleaners or buy the equipment to do it yourself. Expert suggestion: call in a professional cleaner because not only will you be tired after the party, but also need to buy cleaning equipment unnecessarily.

Don’t make fun a curse for you

If you are on the track of making the mistakes mentioned above, then the fun will become a curse for you because not only will it be a memorable party, but it will put you in a negative light in front of your friends. So, it is better to over-prepare than be unaware!

Avoid mistakes! Have fun! Happy Birthday in advance!

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