In the current world, both personal and professional, we are surrounded with visuals in an unimaginable way. Our social media handles are filled with photos and videos, brands try to reach out to us with the help of ads and pop-ups, and even business marketers clearly emphasize on the importance of images, charts, videos, graphs etc. to showcase content. So, it’s basically the era of ‘seeing it to believe it’. So, just like quality visuals have become a key element in personal as well as in corporate business, how could our professional lives be any far behind?

Looking professional in the business world is very important. Your image or corporate headshot is one of the keys to going up the success ladder. Corporate headshots are basically business portraits, but shot in a more up close setting, including only the individual’s head and shoulders. It’s the best way to put across an efficient first impression. This will make your audience take you much more seriously. But, you can get yourself an amazing corporate headshot only with the help of a professional photographer in Leeds (like Photography Works has to offer). This company has been in the photography industry for over 25 years and ensures that you are presented with stunning high-quality outcomes, which are well within your budget.

Career benefits of getting professional headshots

When was your last professional headshot taken for your corporate profile? Do you even remember? If you find yourself looking at your headshot, and come across an old-haircut, outdated style, old location etc., well it’s time for a new one. In an ideal world, your resume should be enough to get you wherever you want to be. But, even the most ignorant of professionals will tell you that it wouldn’t hurt to go that extra mile. So, call up and make an appointment with a commercial photographer in Leeds to get that perfect headshot.

  • It’s an introduction: Headshots are a great way of introducing yourself. There are various social media platforms which are hunting grounds for employers and recruiters. These platforms not only help a prospect-seeker to present them in the best way possible, but to also connect with new people. Before meeting you personally, recruiters will do a quick internet search and having that polished professional headshot shall help you make that positive first impression.
  • You do your own branding: Now, when you are looking for employment purposes, the thing that you are selling the most is yourself and your skills. Your professional headshot should be the perfect representation of the visual style and persona that you want to put across. These shots will reflect your presentable public face and should be utmost professional, and not the vacation photo of you in your Bermuda shorts.
  • It should tell a story: These corporate shots are your perfect opportunity to tell your story to the world. These allow your personality and expertise to shine through. Be it the photo angle, the location, the face expression etc. everything contributes in telling your story. So, choose a location and attire that will best suit your career and the visual aesthetic that you want.
  • It may be requested: Many a times, headshots may be requested by your current or to-be employer, and aligning with their requests is mandatory. They may need it for branding their products or for reflecting the company’s image or for their website etc. They could even request for it to see who their potential interviewees are. So, have an updated high-quality headshot ready and avoid giving out vibes of lacking preparation and professionalism.
  • Worthwhile investment: Choosing to get your professional headshot clicked is basically choosing to invest in your future. A great headshot does much more than just making you look good in the eyes of the recruiter. It will instil that confidence in you, and help you land that dream job.

So, these were five of the biggest advantages that well-executed corporate headshots can bring into your life. Just choose the correct photographer, and his skills and shots shall place you on the Launchpad to success.

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