4 great advantages of home automation that will make you love it

It is hilarious to see how our lives have begun to revolve around the technological gadgets that bring the world so close to us. Technological advancements have brought the world on our fingertips. From big, room size computers, we all now carry a small computer in our pockets that lets us do anything and everything that one can think of. Our office, our homes and everything else has in a way, shifted to our pockets. One such ground breaking technology is home automation. Home automation basically links all the devices in our homes like the thermostats, the television, fans, ACs, lights and all appliances to a single network that can be controlled using a single device. This device, most of the times is nothing else but our cellphones. A lot of companies offer the installation of home automation service so that you can control your entire household using one remote.

Home automation ropes in a number of advantages and makes life much easier and convenient. Imagine being able to turn on your AC on a hot day even before being able to get into the house will save you of so much hassle! Just like these, the advantages of home automation can be summed in the following categories.

1. Security– home automation makes managing the security of your house so much simpler. You can control all the systems in the house using one device, and the best part is that no one can mess with the control systems without your permission. Home automation enables you to have a surveillance system in your house have, have motion detectors, cameras, automated door locks and many other such devices that   let you monitor your house when you are away for a party. The best part is, you can activate all this safety features on one device and keep an eye on your residence.

2. Savings– home automation literally cuts down your bills. It is a great idea to be able to use all the devices only when you need it. You can check if all the appliances are turned off when you step out of the house, you will not be facing the dilemma of whether your gadgets are turned off and you don’t have to go back home to check it again. Not only this, some home automated systems also let you monitor the usage of the appliances so that you can keep a check on your bills.

3. Newcomers are welcome- all home automation systems are superbly compatible with all kinds of appliances, old or new. You may have the fanciest of TV set up in your living room but with time, better technology will come in and you will probably replace it. All home automation systems are compatible with the new technology gadgets. So, every time you add a new gadget in your army, you can easily align it with the existing home automation system in your house. You will not have to deal with updating your home automation repeatedly every time you install a new gadget in the house.

4. Convenience- having all the gadgets control in one device is a dream come true. Home automation fulfils this desire of every end user and gives them a comfortable and hassle free experience in managing their own house. Home automation lets your perform all the mundane tasks of your house like turning on and off the lights, controlling your thermostat and even locking your door using one device. Most of the gadgets that are used in a house are compatible with all available home automation service. You can set different controlling features for various devices in your house ad easily manage them according to your convenience.  

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