Who wouldn’t wish their car to last as long as possible? After all, it is a prized possession that one must nurture such that it is in good condition always. Here are the top 10 car maintenance tips which you can find helpful.

  1. Inspect the Vehicle Frequently: The best way to keep your car in good condition is to follow the user manual for maintenance. Looking for unusual aspects in your car is a good idea and you would know exactly what to check with the help of a manual. Make sure you acquaint yourself with the different parts and get professional help if needed. There are various Motor trimmers in Melbourne that can help you.
  2. Know the Different Warning Lights Well: All modern cars come with sophisticated lightings that indicate whether something is missing. You must understand what all of them mean in order to read them accurately.
  3. Check Tire Pressure Regularly: If you wish to use fuel economically remember that tire pressure is an important aspect. Ideally, checking the tire pressure on a daily basis is a good idea. Moreover, there are tools which you can use to check the tire pressure and certain gadgets are also useful in this regard.
  4. Rotate the Tires and Get Alignment Checked: Alignment of tires is considered to be really important. They affect the fuel economy of your car which is why you should align them from time to time. You can find the ideal time in the manual but as a rule of thumb, you can rotate the tire every 5000 miles.
  5. Remove the Brake Dust: The brake dust would not directly affect the functioning of your car but it is certainly unpleasant. The dust particles can make it difficult for you to drive and might also lead to a strained wheel. Make it a point to simply clean the dust off from your wheels. Using cold water for the same is really helpful.
  6. Inspect Drive Belts: You might have already heard that changing the drive belts every 40,000 miles is a good practice. However, it depends on car to car. Since drive belts work on a daily basis they tend to wear off easily. Moreover, from time and again, you should inspect the drive belts frequently.
  7. Check Oil Levels: If you wish to keep the engine performance in check then always check oil levels. Oils make sure that there is no friction between the moving parts of your car. Check for the color of oil too as it usually has to be amber instead of black.
  8. Keep Checking Engine Coolant Level: A moving car has several parts in it that generate heat. Although with the help of oil there won’t be much friction, you still need a coolant to handle all that heat. Make it a point to always check the coolant levels before you set off for a journey. It is quite easy as all you need to do is to look at the coolant reservoir and check the readings.
  9. Use Fuel Economically: There are a variety of factors that affect fuel economy and you should keep them in check always. The way your engine performs also depends on whether or not you use the car in a fuel economic way. Some good practices are to keep the weight minimal and avoid sudden acceleration or application of brakes. Keep a tab on all other parts of the car also. For instance, you can get the roof lining repairs in Melbourne done to keep the car up and running.
  10. Replace the Air Filter: A car engine works perfectly when there is a good mixture of air and fuel. This is why you should make sure that there are no external substances or debris in the air which the car uses. Hence, you should get the air filter changed every once in a while. The owner’s manual has all details as to when you should change the air filter.

Thus, if you practice these essential tips you can very well maintain your car.

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